As part of our journey through the Pyrenees we have been passing across many Cols: saddles between the mountains. Today it was Dennis's turn to drive. As we climbed the Col d'Aspin there were many (unfenced) cows nearby. Dennis commented on two especially precariously perched cows beside the road: "What would happen if one of those cows fell onto the road?"

Barely had those words left his lips when a third cow decided to show us what would happen by striding out onto the road in front of us. Emergency breaking is all that stopped us from having to deal with a dead or dying cow and a very crumpled hire car. I took this photo less than 30 seconds later. (Apologies for the windscreen degrading the quality of the photograph, but that's the whole point of this picture, it was taken just after a tremedously shocking moment - for us. The cow seemed compeletely unconcerned.)

A cow, seen seconds after it had walked in front of our hire car, bringing us to a screaming halt. Seen through the windscreen. Col d'Aspin, Pyrenees, France.

Dennis drove much more slowly after the cow incident.

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Anthony Holmes October 15th, 2011 07:49:09 AM

1) Cow crash: averted
kell 9/06/2012 5:38:58 PM

un fortunatley i can totally relate to this picture it the same in the outback EVERYWHERE and thet blend into the landscape so your travelling at 140km ph and ask is that a termit mould or is that a big bull, camel, emu's??? SLOW DOWN or else !!!

2) Cow crash: averted
Anthony Holmes 11/06/2012 6:04:06 PM

Hi Kell,

The last time we hired a car in Australia, I noticed that they had tightened up the terms and conditions. You're not allowed to drive between sunset and sunrise. If you do, there's no insurance!

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